Jane Philipson

As a lay-person with a strong interest in the workings of the human mind, integrative whole-person care, AND the value of clinical scientific rigor, I found this guide to be accessible, intelligent and readable. The model that Sarah Halevi offers has important implications for practitioners treating not only Fibromyalgia, but also any number of other highly individual constellations of chronic challenges to health, vitality and wellbeing. In her book and the model she proposes, Halevi strikes and sustains a “sweet spot” that honors the truth of individual experience, the clinical contributions of up-to-date research and understandings about pain, and the complexities of human behavior in patient and practitioner alike. She brings her professional and personal experience to bear in a way that is remarkably down-to-earth, compassionate, and open-minded. At the same time, this highly practical model reflects the author’s extraordinary knowledge base, rooted in clinical research and experience, all meticulously documented within. An immediately usable, valuable and forward-thinking contribution!