Why Can’t I Sleep?

People with Fibro often suffer from sleep disorders, including non-restorative, non-restful sleep. This is most likely attributable to the vagus nerve, which is responsible for modulating pain, digestion, and regulating sleep cycles. Sleep is one of the most difficult things to live without. When you don’t have adequate sleep, and your sleep is non-restorative, everythingContinue reading “Why Can’t I Sleep?”

Why Fibro Needs a Manager

While the healthcare profession struggles with much that we do not understand about Fibromyalgia, we do all agree on this: Fibro is complex. It involves many systems of the mind-body, including brain chemistry, nervous system, muscles, tendons, joints, digestion, sleep cycle, and the list goes on. It also involves financial issues, relationship stress and aContinue reading “Why Fibro Needs a Manager”