The Fibro of my Being

Thoughts on Fibromyalgia and How to Heal

Sara Halevi, MA, CBT

Are we Making any Progress?

I’ve been researching some statistics for my upcoming training course for Fibro practitioners. The World Health Organization (WHO) now estimates that 6% of the world population may have Fibro. That is a very high number. It would follow, then, that in the face of what appears to be a mini epidemic, cures would be comingContinue reading “Are we Making any Progress?”

The Five Pillars of Treatment

Fibromyalgia is a complex condition that requires multifaceted treatment. In my experience, an effective treatment plan has five main elements, and they are: Medication Meditation Food Exercise Therapy Medication includes any and all substances that address Fibro pain, including SNRIs, Lyrica, opioid narcotics, and cannabis. Treating pain and depression are essential to the management of day toContinue reading “The Five Pillars of Treatment”

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