Shifting One Thing

There are a number of things that I notice when I cruise the social media Fibro posts. One is that some people insist that Fibro is progressive, meaning it gets worse with age. Another is that people say there is nothing that helps, nothing you can do, no way to get better. Well, that is a very depressing scenario.

I know I have said this before, but it bears repeating; negative thinking is one of the things that makes Fibro worse. Pain causes an aversion response, and that response can trigger negative thinking. The danger is then in the inability to reverse the thinking. We get locked into the belief that our pain can’t heal, can’t resolve, can’t release. This is a huge challenge, I know, but we can reverse this trend.

One of the more positive trends I have noticed on the Facebook groups is that there are a handful of Fibro Warriors who are able to get better. Basically, for whatever reason they make the decision to get well, begin making lifestyle changes, and quickly they start to feel better. It is my belief that this is a combination of lifestyle changes, including meditation, exercise and diet, as well as the cognitive decision to get better. These two systems work together to create an environment of healing. In other words, making positive changes creates positive thinking. Positive thoughts raise serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. So, feeling better cognitively and emotionally makes us feel better physically. Feeling better physically makes us feel better emotionally.

While we are stuck in a cycle of negativity, we can start to make a shift simply by changing ONE thing. It doesn’t even matter all that much what that one thing is. It can mean committing to one walk every day, or meditating for 15 minutes a day. It can mean removing one inflammatory food from our diet. It can mean working on letting go of negative thoughts for one hour every day. When we take even the smallest step toward positivity, our minds and bodies are happy to follow.

So, warriors, feel good. Take baby steps. Shift one thing today, and others will follow.

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