Be the Change

One of the sticking points in the successful treatment and management of Fibro is the necessity to make changes. Change is hard for most people. Humans are simply creatures of habit, and that means change is challenging, even when we are harming ourselves. If you have ever spoken with a recovering addict, you might know that it is a common experience for addicts to keep using despite the devastating circumstances that directly result. Same with Fibro.

Pain, digestive issues and fatigue, the most common Fibro symptoms, interfere with our lives in immeasurable ways. Still, even when we KNOW what we are doing is keeping us sick, we are reluctant to make changes. This is just the human experience, and you are not to blame. However, if we want to feel better, we might need to shift our mindset in order to create a healing environment in mind and body.

This requires much more than just a “I should cut down on sugar” or “I’ll start exercising as soon as I have the energy.” Change happens slowly, over time, as a result of necessity. As long as we believe change is optional, we are likely to continue our Fibro habits: eating processed foods, being too sedentary and dwelling on negative, self-defeating and victim-centered thoughts.

If we truly want to feel better, we can start with asking ourselves, “Is change really worse than pain? Am I holding on to destructive habits out of fear? Can I find the self-love necessary to take better care of myself – mind and body?

Please don’t misunderstand; I am not blaming the victim. I’m saying that we can all afford to make changes in our lives, large and small. We all resist these changes, and that is not surprising. We can, however, shift our mindset into a place of empowerment. Our minds are capable of creating a great deal of destruction and harm. Our minds are equally capable of creating healing, positivity and love. Make a choice. Be the change.

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