Fibro Hacks

I definitely believe that real change happens slowly, and that true healing does not happen overnight. But sometimes you just want to feel a tiny bit of relief RIGHT NOW. And that’s when we turn to hacks. I want to start out by thanking my daughter, Liora, for the idea to write about Fibro hacks. She has personally tried most of these, so I take her word for it that they work. Honestly, sometimes a little relief is enough to turn around a difficult day.

For many of us, the first challenge of the day is getting out of bed. If you find yourself awake but struggling to get up, consider a barcode alarm. This clever app comes with a printable barcode or QR code that you tape to your fridge – thereby forcing you to get out of bed to shut off the alarm. Once you’re up, you might as well hop in the shower and start your day.

Once you’re up, the next challenge begins – dressing comfortably. If you have pain in your ribs, called costochondritis, wearing a bra can be torture. Try a sports bra with a front zip closure here. I also love this bra company for its custom order sizing and soft, natural fabrics. They also have lots of colors. I used these when I was nursing, and I loved not messing with hooks at all.

Next, pants. Many of us spend at least part of the day debating clothes vs. pajamas. Do you look longingly at your jeans, but can’t stand the thought of how they feel on your sensitive skin? You are not alone. Getting dressed in real clothes is an important part of feeling normal and fighting depression. This is where nice, soft jeggings come in handy. Look like clothes, feel like pajamas. Done.

At the end of the day, many of us suffer from the collective effect of demands and activities, feeling achy and tired as we approach bedtime. Studies show that taking a hot bath – in addition to being soothing – might actually fight pain and depression by raising serotonin levels. A hot bath also dilates blood vessels in the skin, which helps the body eliminate excess heat. An excellent bath hack that adds some significant muscle and nerve pain relief to the other benefits is the addition of a generous dose of magnesium flakes. They are surprisingly inexpensive and really soothe an achy body.

After a hot bath, climb into bed under a weighted blanket. It’s all the rage, and with good reason. It helps with restless leg syndrome, soothes anxiety and helps you stay asleep. If you sleep hot like I do, you can even buy one with a cooling feature. And to further help you fall asleep, try one of the many free meditation apps. Here is a popular one; the name Calm says it all.

If you are enjoying these tips and would like more support, consider joining one of my online support groups or private consultation. You deserve it!

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