Rejecting the Stages

I follow a number of groups for people with Fibro (since I am one), and I’ve recently been seeing posts about the “Six Stages of Fibromyalgia.” First, let me be clear; I would never, ever, EVER minimize someone else’s experience with this condition, nor would I compare my experience with anyone else’s. But people, let’s stop this downward spiral in its tracks.

There are some people for whom Fibro feels progressive. As we age, our bodies don’t bounce back as they once did. Achy things hurt more, joints get stiff while we sleep, colds last longer, etc. However, there is nothing inherently progressive about Fibro. In fact, some people, myself included, get better as they get older. True, not everyone. In fact, yes, some people will feel worse as time goes on, but it is not a guarantee. And that’s what I want to address.

One of the most essential pillars of the successful management of Fibro is a positive mindset. Everything is possible, including complete remission (hello!). The idea of viewing Fibro through the lens of a progressive illness is contrary to everything I believe and know about healing. Even if you feel worse today than you did a week or a month or a year ago, I implore you to reject the concept that Fibro has stages. Instead, make room in your heart for where you are now, today, in this moment, and as for tomorrow…who knows? Believe it will be wonderful. Believe it will be better. Believe it will be amazing. And this increases the chance that it will be. Our minds are immensely powerful. We are capable of talking ourselves in or out of all kinds of things. So, let’s all believe that we can beat this, that we can be healed, and that we can live our lives fully and wonderfully.

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