Life Without Pizza – or Pain

Over the last few years I have adapted an anti-inflammatory diet: no gluten, dairy, sugar, nightshades or meat. Now, I do occasionally cheat. A little. More like “cheating light.” I have a bite of spelt challah every Friday night. Literally, one bite. I will taste something special on a rare occasion, but will not consume more than a teaspoonful of any of these trigger foods.

Now, if you’re going to say, “Oh, you can make delicious pizza with cauliflower and vegan cheese!” seriously, save it. I’m not talking about a health food version of the beloved Sicilian delicacy; I’m talking about the real thing. Miles of stringy mozzarella cheese; crust that is both chewy and crispy; a tangy tomato sauce that has been cooked for hours… that kind of pizza.

For the most part, this has worked out to my benefit. I have practically NO Fibro symptoms. If I have learned one thing from this, it is that these choices really do matter. At least, for me. I would not say that I particularly enjoy these restrictions, but I’ve changed my mindset so I don’t consider it optional. There was a time when I remember rationalizing a poor choice, telling myself it can’t possibly have the impact I imagine it does.

For a while, it was a battle; I wanted a life WITH pizza. But that cognitive message was not helping me live the active, pain-free life that I wanted. In short, I would rather forego pizza than live with so much pain and fatigue. When it’s boiled down to the core truth of it, I’m choosing life over pizza. So, it’s life without pizza. And it is a good life, indeed.

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