Depression with FMS and CFS

Depression can be viewed as both a symptom of fibro and a co-morbid condition. Often when a teenager is finally referred to me for fibro he will report a long-standing depression. Childhood onset depression is slippery and often overlooked. Interestingly enough, symptoms of depression in children and teenagers can include vague aches and pains,[1] particularly headaches and back pain often associated with fibro. As a co-morbid condition, depression is virtually indistinguishable from fibro. Chronic pain and illness are depressing. The question may be whether fibro is a symptom of depression or depression a symptom of fibro, or whether they are simply partners. In either case, it is important to note:-       Fibro symptoms are known to be alleviated in many cases by SSRIs (like Prozac), SNRIs (like Cymbalta) and other anti-depressant groups[2]–       SSRIs can cause detrimental side effects and suicidal ideation-       While psychodynamic therapy might help adults with depression, it is not a good therapeutic choice for an adolescent. Go with CBT.-       Ritalin can cause or exacerbate depression in teens[3]–       A severe depression may require hospitalization In every case, depression should be taken seriously; it’s a serious matter.

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