Fibromyalgia Is Real.

FibroConsulting supports people with Fibromyalgia and their practitioners to implement a treatment paradigm that is comprehensive, holistic and effective.

Sara HaIevi, MA, CBT

Sara Halevi, a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist who both has and treats Fibromyalgia offers a full gamut of professional services and tools to advance the understanding and treatment of this painful and devastating condition.

Whether you are a person with Fibro or a healthcare practitioner, FibroConsulting has something to offer you. We offer one-on-one consultation, live and virtual training courses, books and other resources for physicians, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, functional and integrative medicine practitioners to help people with Fibromyalgia to live healthier, fuller, lives with less pain and more joy.

What is Fibromyalgia?

The World Health Organization estimates that 10 million Americans, and six percent of the world population suffer from either chronic or episodic Fibromyalgia. First recognized by the AMA in 1987, the specific collection of symptoms was not recognized as a syndrome for nearly 20 years, and is still not universally recognized by healthcare providers. In as much as the medical community has progressed in the diagnosis and assessment of Fibro, the management and treatment of this debilitating condition has made relatively little headway.

Every month or so it seems that another miracle treatment for Fibro is being advertised on the Internet. Practitioners should make no mistake; there are some treatments that help some people, and some of these experience phenomenal results. That is not the issue. The other side of that truth is that there is no one treatment that helps everyone.

While we live in a rapidly advancing society, our expectations often lead us to believe we are advancing in every realm. This is frustratingly untrue. As stressors increase, personal contact decreases and healthcare becomes diluted and overstretched, we are forced to consider the fact that we might not be doing quite enough to address chronic and invisible illness and support those suffering these painful conditions. We can do better. And we will.

Fibromyalgia Can Be Treated.

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We train health care providers to treat Fibromyalgia, from diagnosis to management to medications, to ensure Fibro patients receive the best possible care available to them. Take an online course, book a consultation, search written materials, and invite us to give a training session near you.

How can we help you care for your patients?

Doctors & Primary Care Providers

Be more equipped to treat people with Fibromyalgia and become a Fibro-Friendly practitioner.

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Expand your practice, gain new skills and become a Fibro-Friendly practitioner.

Alternative Medicine Practitioners

Learn comprehensive tools for integrative treatment and become a Fibro-Friendly practitioner.

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What People Are Saying…

When my daughter was in her senior year of high school, she was stressed… Always a high achiever, she was taking a double course load. One day she got a sore throat, got into bed, and didn’t get out of bed for three months! Her family doctor said it was depression, and put her onContinue reading “L.G.”


Amazing Therapist! !she was amazing when I was ill. She is warm, fun and caring!! Absolutely magnificent and brilliant!


I took Sara Halevi’s training course for therapists on working with clients with Fibromyalgia. She’s a great teacher and has an excellent command of the material. I learned a lot!

Talya Roth, Clinical Psychologist, Jerusalem

As a lay-person with a strong interest in the workings of the human mind, integrative whole-person care, AND the value of clinical scientific rigor, I found this guide to be accessible, intelligent and readable. The model that Sarah Halevi offers has important implications for practitioners treating not only Fibromyalgia, but also any number of otherContinue reading “Jane Philipson”

Jane Philipson

Sara’s book provides a succinct overview of the background and  treatment for this complex illness. The suggested treatment protocol is clear and easy to follow. I would highly recommend the book as a resource for mental health practitioners who are treating Fibro patients. 

Ian Friedman, Clinical Psychologist

You have shed new light on the treatment of this highly complex disorder. I find your book empowering for clinicians such as myself who have felt lost to provide tangible help for these complex cases.

Rochelle Shapiro, MA, LMFT

It pulls together all the many different sites / journals / treatment options that I have read up in so many different places and put it together in one clear place. Certainly I think it provides a clear insight into what a fibro patient goes through emotionally and what a hard place it is forContinue reading “Karen Barron, MA, Psychotherapist”

Karen Barron, MA, Psychotherapist

I have always worked with numerous specialists, but have always felt I was missing a central point-person/manager, and never before considered that that person might be a CBT. During a consultation with Sara, she asked me questions I had never thought to ask, and I suddenly began to see my mind-body connection, and the roleContinue reading “Shari Majumder”

Shari Majumder

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